Grant Guidelines

The maximum grant offered will not exceed $10,000.  Based on the number of grants requested, the amount of available funds, and the overall needs of a particular request, The Foundation reserves the right to fund grants at levels that might differ from the requested amount. All grant recipients are expected to provide a written report evaluating the project and accounting for grant expenses upon project completion or by a date specified by the Foundation.  Any funds not spent for the approved purposes by the date specified are subject to a review process with the Foundation.

Funding Priorities

Grants are limited to eligible organizations (non-profit, governmental, educational institutions) for projects that will serve Hill County, Texas and Tarrant County, Texas.  Preference will be given to projects that meet the following criteria: 

1.      Program Focus – priority will be given to promising new projects that address community needs identified below.  Applicants may be existing organizations, a coalition of organizations, or a new organization.  If the organization has been in existence, the proposal must be clearly outside the realm of possible inclusion in the regular ongoing operation budget.

(a)   Areas of interest include: economic development, education, recreation, assisting the underprivileged, and the arts. 

(b)    Program grants – Priority will be given to local proposals that evidence volunteer leadership and/or grassroots participation and financial support. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of (1) feasibility and terms of leadership and plan, (2) significance in terms of employments of the issue being addressed, and (3) the project’s potential for success.   

2.      Future Funding – A project or program must have potential continuity through other funding sources in future years.

Areas Not Typically Funded 

Grants to individuals, grants for scholarships, publication of books, conferences, ongoing operating budget beyond seed level. 

Equitable Consideration

The Foundation strives to give equitable consideration to all grant applicants.  The Foundation will apply fair and objective procedures in reviewing grant applications.  Board Members are requested to help maintain a standard of objectivity for all applicants.  Lobbying and written/verbal endorsements of applications addressed directly to a Foundation Board member are considered inappropriate. The Foundation has limited discretionary funds and therefore, many exemplary proposals cannot be funded.  Because of the volume of requests, the Foundation may not provide written feedback regarding proposals that are not funded.


The grant application requires that applicants submit a plan describing the manner in which they will document and publicize any grant awardThe Foundation makes to an organization. The purpose of the publicity plan is to advance awareness of The Foundation’s mission and impact on the citizens residing in the county which benefits from any grant awarded.

The Publicity Plan must include at least one area newspaperstory about the award which should include a photo.  It may also include, but not be limited to,radio announcements, newsletters, meeting announcements or other similar formsof publicity. 

Grantees must also submit 3-5 digital photographs in .jpgformat suitable for display in newspapers, the Foundation’s publications andits website.  These photographs shouldshow grant recipients or their designees. 

Grantees are responsible for obtaining permission fromindividuals displayed in the photographs for publicity including any personswho are less than 18 years of age.  

To apply for a Dorothy Gaines Foundation Grant, please read our Grant Qualification page first and then click on the application button to download a form you can print and complete. Mail your completed form to the address below.

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